I Saw You

I saw you today, and my heart hurt

I saw you today, and I turned away

I saw you today, and you looked happy

I saw you today, and I wanted to cry

I saw you today, and I couldn’t help but laugh

I saw you today, and I walked away
Ever since we broke up I have wanted to see you
When I saw you, you looked right through me
It was today I realized that I missed you
I also thought that maybe, just maybe
We made a mistake, gave up too easily
But I can’t tell you this because my pride is too strong
So I’ll write it all down and hope
Maybe, just maybe
You’ll come back to me.

-Turuz Hautapu

Personal Rant: Bear

Don’t follow Bear’s blog

In case you didn’t know she goes to my school and she is very lame.

She is a basic white girl.

She wears her leggings with Nuk Nuks during the winter.

That makes her very basic.

She also has a Canon T3i -all the more reason to hate her because I only have a Canon T3.

If you’re reading this Bear:

You’re ghetto.